Book Trailers

Book Trailers are a great way to tell others about your favorite books.  Here are some items that may help you:

1.  2 examples:

2.  Tutorial:Book Trailer Tutorial.doc (23,5 kB)

3.  Planning sheet:Planning sheet.doc (22 kB)

4.  Grading Rubric:  Book Trailerrubric.doc (60 kB)

5.  You Tube video on uploading music and credits:

6.  Free music can be obtained from:

OR you can go to Mary Garrison's file on the S - drive here at school to get music clips....***REMEMBER NO MORE THAN 30 seconds of music that is not royalty free

7.  Make sure that you save the movie from the tool bar at the top of movie maker when you are finished.

8.  When you finish, email the file to Mrs. Garrison, and I will post it on our book blog site:

9. If you need to turn it in to your teacher, here are a few options:

--save it to their inbox with your name on the file

--post it to your website (wordpress works the best) through directions on other link under the project page

--post it to your teacher's website using