1.  cut and paste the following address:

2.  Open up the document below to get your nickname and password along with the link to your login

LMS Media Center gloster accounts.doc (52 kB)

3.  Remember these are accounts that many students are sharing at LMS; DO NOT erase someone else's work

4.  press create glog

5.  after you create the glog, hit save or publish

6.  copy and paste the address (link) to your glog into your EMAIL...

7.  email it to your teacher to grade

8.  or drop it in your teacher's box at


Alternative Sign up

1.  cut and paste the address

2.  sign up under teacher, you username should be your first and last initial along with your homeroom teachers last name (megphillips)

3.  your pass word should be your lunch number

4.  do not use your real name; use your initials for your first name, and your homeroom teachers last name for your last name

5.  use your email or your parents email address

6.  you do not need to do any of the other questions

7.  be sure to type the code in the box and CHECK I AGREE TO TERMS before you submit

****WRITE DOWN YOUR LOG IN to your agena!!!!


**Here is a tutorial you can watch (at home) to help give tips on using glogs: