1.  Go to www.ed.voicethread.com  and log into the Lanier Middle School Group:

2.  Your email should be entered in this way:  st__@lmslonghorn.ed.voicethread.com

**Do not enter your own email....it will create a separate account for you and we are using the Lanier Middle School Group account.

3.  The password you should use is lanier. 

4.  Go into the Tutorial section and watch What's a Voicethread?  and Video Doodling.  Feel free to watch the other tutorials.  The more you know, the more interesting your voicethread will be.

5.  Refer to the following rubric for grading: voicethreadrubric.pdf (20,2 kB)
voicethreadrubric2.pdf (89,4 kB)

6.  You can create your voicethread using one of the following platforms:  video, uploading images from the internet, picture you take of something, poster you draw. 

7.  Plan your voicethread using this document:  Voicethread Planning Sheet.doc (22 kB)

8.  Once you have created your voicethread, you need to share it...be sure to share with st3 (Mrs. Tyler).  You will need to email her your voicethread.

9.  You will also need to pick at least 2 other students to share your voicethread with...  Here are three ways to share: 

10.  When commenting, refer to the types of comments:  typesofonlinecomments.doc (34 kB)
Typesofonlinecomments2.doc (31 kB)